• Info for Easter Trip 2023

    Dear adventurers,

    We have the updated information for the coming Easter Trip in 2023. See the summary (subject to change) below.


  • Try Dives Report – October 2022

    I participated in a try dive with the Oxford University Underwater Exploration Group (OUUEG) on Saturday 29th of October, where I, for the very first time, took my first breaths underwater! The afternoon began with a small group of us, most of us complete beginners, who gathered outside the kit hut at Iffley Sports Centre. We were met by our instructors for the day and after quick introductions we got right into learning what we would be doing and all the equipment we would be needing. We took some time finding the right fins and masks before learning how to use a BCD (Buoyancy Control Device – a kind of jacket that can be filled with air). We also got to grips with how to use regulators and how to check our air supply. We then moved all our equipment – including some heavy air cylinders – to the pool side and we were ready to get in. The instructors were always friendly and happy to answer all of the many questions I had.


  • OUUEG visiting North Norfolk. 13–14 August 2022

    On 13-14 August I went on my first expedition with OUUEG. Kirill and I went to dive in Norfolk to see two wrecks of steam ships, sunk at the beginning of the 20th century: SS Vera and SS Rosalie (my favourite!). We also did two drift dives from the shore, and made lots of underwater friends (mostly crabs and lobsters). Altogether, a fantastic little adventure in a jolly good company!

    The North Sea can be calm, warm (22°C !!!), and welcoming!


  • Lymington 16th October 2021

    A group of ten divers went to Lymington on the Saturday for two dives off the Wight Spirit. We first went on a drift dive at around 16 meters, and then the wreck of the Clan Mackay torpedoed in World War 1. Visibility was poor at 2-4 meters, but the dive involved catshark, congor eels, and edible crab sightings.


  • Plymouth 23-29th May 2021

    We went down to Plymouth for a week of diving! A few members from OUUEG, a few members from Hellfins, but fun was had by all


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