One of the exciting opportunities that OUUEG offers is joining on regular dive trips to a variety of fantastic locations. As a member you can hire club kit if you do not own your own. We dive regularly in the UK throughout the year (slightly less regularly during winter) but also organise expeditions abroad.

All trips are organised by members for members. Hence, if there is a nice location you always wanted to dive feel free to get in touch and we help you to organise a trip.

What to expect from UK Diving?

The UK has an exceptionally rich naval history and its coastline has some of the best diving in the world. OUUEG does lots of diving in the UK throughout the year, and we have a rigid hull inflatible boat (RHIB), Sea Horse, which enables us to get access to anywhere we’d like to go.

There are thousands of shipwrecks to explore, ranging from Roman shipwrecks littered with amphora, to ships-of-the-line with canon and silver coin, to submarines from the Second World War. All of them can be explored and act as habitats for all sorts of marine life – lobsters, grouper, shoaling fish, conger eels and pipefish.

Reefs such as those in St Abbs, Cornwall, Torquay and Swanage have dogfish, cuttlefish, octopus, lobsters, scallops, crabs, starfish and even seahorses.

Britain also has much larger creatures to see. Basking sharks are up to 12m long and are gentle creatures which filter feed on plankton near the surface. They can be found in large numbers in Cornwall and Plymouth from May to August. If you’re lucky, dolphins such as George will visit you in Plymouth, Cornwall or Torquay a couple of times a year.

Seals are incredibly playful underwater and will swim up to you and nibble your fins. Some of the best places to swim with them are the Farne Islands, Lundy and Falmouth, which each have colonies and can almost guarantee an encounter.

UK diving is “cold water” diving which is not quite what you’d expect – it is incredibly rewarding and social.

Diving with OUUEG

OUUEG trips are based around weekend trips away, staying in comfortable, heated accommodation with plenty of good company and home-cooked food, done as cheaply as possible! Water temperatures in summer are around 18 degrees C, which is comfortable in a 7mm wetsuit. OUUEG can provide training in drysuits, which enables diving all year round.

Adventurous expedition diving in remote areas of Scotland and islands such as the Isle of White, Lundy and the Shetlands provide endless challenges for the more advanced diver. OUUEG gets involved in wreck penetration, photography, videography, nautical archaeology and marine biology projects.

If you’d like to come on an OUUEG trip, why don’t you check out our calendar. And if you’d like to make a suggestion of somewhere you’d like to visit in particular, you can contact our expeditions officer. If you’re even ready to plan a trip yourself, check out our guide.

To get an idea of what trips are like, check out the reports from past trips as well as pictures in our flickr! gallery.