How do I join for the first time?

Joining OUUEG is a very easy three step process. Please find all information on the join the club page.

I’m not a qualified diver. Can I still join?

Yes you can! We run some try dives and offer entry-level training every year.

I’m already a qualified diver.

Then come dive with us! We’re happy to have you.

Note that OUUEG is affiliated with BSAC: if you’ve qualified with another agency then you can still dive with us – see the cross-over page.

What kind of trips do you run?

We tend to go on weekend trips around the UK, either to the coast or in flooded quarries – usually either every weekend or every other weekend. We also typically run two longer trips every year: the Easter trip to Cornwall, and a trip abroad (for example, to the Red Sea) every winter.

What are the payment options for membership fees?

OUUEG can be paid by debit card, credit card or PayPal. We do not accept bank transfer, cheque or cash as these are hard to keep track of effectively.

BSAC has to be paid directly via direct debit (preferred), debit card or credit card. One may also send the membership officer a cheque issued at the correct BSAC fee with BSAC as the recipient. We will forward this with the paper documents to BSAC. However, payment by cheque is strongly discouraged by BSAC and OUUEG.

Can you pro-rate my membership?

We are more than happy to pro-rate your first membership rate if you join OUUEG after our Easter expedition. We will charge you a pro-rated fee for both OUUEG and BSAC to align your membership year with our common renewal date (1st November). Any membership renewal will incur the full OUUEG membership fee, even if joined later during the year.