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Welcome to the OUUEG!

Start your Underwater Adventure now by joining the Oxford University Underwater Exploration Group following these few easy steps.

 1. Choose a Payment Option

We recommend you pay your BSAC memberships via direct debit. Your OUUEG membership fee is payable via debit or credit card online. Please select Direct Debit Option A on the BSAC Registration form or fill out the on-off payment details. Direct debit is the cheapest and easiest option and you can cancel your membership anytime. BSAC will even give you a discount on the first membership fee.

Alternatively, you can also pay both via debit or credit card in two one-time payments. You have to provide BSAC your payment details on the registration form. Your OUUEG membership fee will be paid as part of the online registration process.

In case you are unable to pay via either direct debit, debit card, or credit card please contact our membership team and we will arrange another method of payment. This is the least favoured option as it will slow down your membership application and cause a significant amount of work for our committee.

2. Paperwork

Download and fill in the following forms:

If possible please take high-resolution scan or photo of these forms to reduce our amount of paperwork. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: regardless your BSAC membership arrangement, you are not insured unless you provide us with a medical certificate (even if you’ve paid!).

3. Online Registration

Fill in our online registration form and pay using your debit or credit card for your OUUEG membership and training package.

Membership form

If you uploaded your paperwork using the online form, please wait till we confirm it being complete. Please also send the signed originals to

University of Oxford
Big Data Institute
c/o Penny Hancock
Roosevelt Drive
OX3 7FY Oxford, UK

University members can send their paperwork using the messenger service for free.

As soon as our membership officer confirms everything is OK, you are ready to go diving! Your BSAC membership card will arrive within 2-4 weeks.

In case you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch via