It’s not often we make The Oxford Times, but after starting the New Year with an invitational dive in Hinksey Lake we found ourselves on the front page and a great article on the inner pages.

Oxford Times front page Oxford Times front page, OxBSAC and OUUEG

After a bit of kit help, a great dive briefing, and a quick buddy check we took the plunge into the depths (2.8m). We split into two pairs and headed out into the left side of the lake. Although the water was a bit chilly (7℃) the vis was relatively good. We soon spotted our first crayfish amongst the weeds. Hovering well clear of the crap on the bottom we circled around over the weeds and junk that had been thrown in. Amongst the weed we spotted shoals of tiny fry and Kirill soon got his eye in gathering up crayfish. It wasn’t long before we spotted an old bike frame and Kirill lugged it back to shore. After the planned 30 mins we surfaced and clambered out with our treasures.

Back in Town Club’s HQ we de-kitted and changed in the warm and were treated to some fantastic home-made soup. Great start to 2024.

A massive thanks to the Town Club, who invited us along. Thanks to Kirill my dive buddy and to Paul Gorse-Burton for the great photos.