• 29-30 July 2023: Basic Archaeology Diver Course

    As exciting as it sounds, the course (led by Giles Richardson and Ginge Crook of Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust, MAST) initiated us into the depths of maritime archaeology (not to be confused with treasure hunting :). Even more exciting is the fact that Oxford and Cambridge Universities first time (?) (editor’s comment: NOT the first time!) were not competing against each other but working together! 🙂


  • A Try Dive with OUUEG

    My introduction to OUUEG came when I went along to the weekly OUUEG pub social. I had heard it was a super friendly club and a great place to learn to scuba dive which interested me. That evening I found a super friendly bunch of people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, brought together by a shared love of diving. I spent hours listening to wonderful stories about shipwrecks and marine wild life adventures and by the end of the evening I was itching to try it out for myself.


  • Introduction to Calendar/Events Tab

    Hi everyone! In this post, I’m going to show you how to use the Events (also called Calendar) function on our website. This function allows you to see all the upcoming events that we have planned for you, and also to add your own events if you want to share them with other members. The Calendar function is very easy and convenient to use, and I’ll explain each feature in detail below.


  • Ocean Diver Training Report – March 24, 2023


  • Info for Easter Trip 2023

    Dear adventurers,

    We have the updated information for the coming Easter Trip in 2023. See the summary (subject to change) below.


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