OUUEG celebrates 50 years!

 A 50th anniversary dinner will be held at Oxford’s Jam Factory on Saturday,
31 May 2014. All past and present club members are warmly invited to attend. To sign up, please click here and fill in the form, or email OUUEG’s Social Secretary.


Welcome! Interested in scuba diving? OUUEG is the right place for you! We welcome everyone (students and non-students) of all abilities from absolute beginners to hardcore techies and we’re always happy to see new faces. The best way to find out more about the club is to come have a chat during one of our weekly pub meetings or get in touch with our secretary (or anyone else on our committee list), but in the meantime you’ll find some information below to point you in the right direction.

Never ever dived before?

Thanks to everyone who showed up to intro meetings and the try dives – it was nice to see so many new and enthusiastic faces! And a particular thank you to those who stayed to help sort out the kit afterwards! Now that fresher’s events are done don’t forget to join the general mailing list to stay in the loop. And don’t forget to get your membership forms in!

If you’ve missed the intro meetings and the try dives and are really sad about it because you’d really like to give diving a go, do get in touch: we’ll probably be able to squeeze you in during one of our training sessions – but the earlier the easier, so don’t wait!

Scuba-diving training

One of the main club activity is teaching people how to dive or to help get them further their training – and we’ve got our own kit (including a boat) to do so! We also run courses on things such as boat handling…. Have a look at our training section for details.

Diving trips

In addition to training we organise lots of diving trips, either short ones during weekends or longer ones – both in the UK and abroad. See our dive trips page for more information and browse some past trip reports to see the kind of adventures we go on!

What do I need to do to come diving with you?

Check out the membership fees and follow the instructions regarding how to join. Don’t forget to check out the bit about insurance as well and to join our mailing list. If you’ve got any questions do get in touch!!