You can join BSAC and keep diving within the limits of your qualification without having to do further training. However you are encouraged to attend two lectures (see below) to help you understand the BSAC structure, and a crossover session in the pool.

If you intend to continue your training with BSAC then your existing diving qualification is recognised as a starting point in the BSAC qualification system according to an equivalency table.

Join BSAC with an equivalent BSAC grade

You need to attend two short lectures which present the BSAC structure and expectations as well as the decompression tables used by the organisation.

You can also apply for an optional equivalency card from BSAC. Please note that this is not a qualification card. For example, unless you were previously qualified to dive with Nitrox then the BSAC equivalency does not give you the Nitrox qualification that comes with all BSAC qualifications.

The BSAC qualification equivalency table is fairly strict with regards to rescue skills and theory knowledge. Please do not be disappointed if your equivalent BSAC qualification appears to be less advanced than the one in your original agency. Please locate your qualification in the BSAC equivalency tables for divers from PADI, SSI, SSAC & SAA.

Continue your dive training with BSAC

Your equivalent BSAC qualification provides a starting point if you want to continue your training to obtain the next BSAC qualification. Cross-over training packs are available. The cross-over training typically comprises both theoretical and practical training sessions which we will usually be able to organise as part of our regular dive expeditions and training trips.

Example: you’re a PADI Open Water or a PADI Advanced Open Water diver. Your equivalent BSAC qualification is BSAC Ocean Diver in both cases. You want to continue your diver training with BSAC. The next qualification is the BSAC Sport Diver. Our advanced training officer would provide you the Sport Diver Crossover Pack. We usually run a Sports Diver course in Hilary term (January and February) which is suitable for crossover students.

Getting a BSAC qualification by crossing over is quite affordable. Please contact our training officer to discuss details and get an estimate of the costs.