Sports Diver (SD) training is the next big step in your diver training. As a Sports Diver you will develop your skills and advance your theory knowledge. Diving is not just about depth but once you are an SD you can dive down to 35 metres which opens up many new dive sites, especially shipwrecks. This qualification will give you additional skills including important rescue skills and this is also the minimum qualification you need to start training as an instructor which we would highly encourage (and financially support) you to do.

The Sports Diver package contains everything except the open water lessons which you pay for as you go diving on trips with the club.

The initial practical lessons will take place at local Oxford pools with enough depth for basic training. Open water training will take place on a training trip in Michaelmas term and on our Easter Training trip. Costs for the trips such as transport, food and accommodation are not included in the training packages.

If you have any questions about those courses please contact our training officer.

Sports Diver Training Package


Our Sports Diver package includes all BSAC learning materials, seven theory lessons, one instructed pool training dives, and most importantly an excellent opportunity to build up more skills, experience and confidence in diving.

Not included in the package are expenses for training trips, open water dives, and equipment hire. Please note that you have to become a member of OUUEG and BSAC. The total cost for training package and both memberships is £112 for students and £172.50 for other members.

If you are crossing over from another agency, the price increases by £25 for a second instructed pool training session and the extended cross-over training pack.

Training schedule

The sports diver course will start in the Hilary 2020 and the theory lessons will run on Wednesday evenings before our pub night for 6 weeks. Time and location tbc. The one pool session will be organised for a Friday evening at a time convienent for you and an instructor. If you have any questions about this course please do get in touch with our training officer.

In case you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact our training officer at [email protected].