• Waking up Seahorse, 18 April 2021

    Seahorse, our club boat, stayed out of action for one and a half years for obvious reasons. Before she can go for any sea trips, she and her trailer had to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. It may not have been a diving day, but we had a pleasure of a little river cruise. No ducks were harmed!


  • NDAC Chepstow, 17 April 2021

    It is sad that car sharing is still not allowed, but this is for a reason. Still, a few of those who can travel alone went to National Diving and Activities Centre to enjoy a nice sunny day. And to do some diving of course.


  • First dive of 2021!!!

    We always knew that the lockdowns will be over. Maybe not everything has yet returned to complete normal, but organised outdoors sports are now back!


  • National Diving and Activities Centre, Chepstow, 31 October 2020

    A great way to spend Halloween at Chepstow! Overall a good experience! Slightly rough start to the day with a lot of rain and wind before the first dive which was at roughly 5-7m. Weather and spirits quickly picked up at noon with some sunshine and food and the transition to the second dive went much smoother.


  • Chesil Beach, 18th October 2020

    Another post-lockdown expedition! Three OUUEG-ers drove down to the beautiful stretch of… pebbles… that is Chesil beach.


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