The aim of the dry suit skills development course is to teach the correct and safe techniques for dry suit diving. After the course you should have the confidence to go on your first guided open water dive in a dry suit.

The course consists of two theory lessons which explain physics, equipment, technique, safety procedures and rescue. At OUUEG we typically teach both lessons during an evening theory session. Upon completion of the theory, there are two dives with an instructor – one in sheltered and one in open water. During these dives you will familiarise yourself with the dry suit, learn how to use it, deal with dangerous situations and practice some rescue skills.

We teach dry suit skills as part of our Ocean Diver training. The Dry Suit Skills Development course is aimed at already qualified divers to Ocean Diver level (or equivalent). We would highly recommend for you to participate in a dry suit course if you have never used one before. The BSAC HQ can issue a dry suit certificate (or card) upon successful completion of the course.

The course is open and free to all members of OUUEG. You only have to cover the cost of the pool dive. As we typically do the final open water dive as part of an expedition or club trip you only need to find an instructor to do this final dive with you.

Upcoming courses

The next set of dry suit lectures and pool sessions will be taking place in Hilary Term 2020. Please fill in the expression of interest form if you are interested in taking part.

But note: we are a club and do everything ourselves – it would be very much appreciated if you – the aspiring dry suit trainee – help in organising the theory session (this will include coordinating it with the instructor and participants, and arranging a room). We will help you – just get in touch with the Advanced Training Officer.

In case you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact our advanced training officer at