Easter training trip 2010 – full of tales of diving and comedy, April 2010

Dates: April 2010, Author: Luke Flickr Photo Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ouueg/albums/72157636190878935 So, take a deep breath (but remember to breathe normally on ascent) – here’s the ET 2010 trip report!  In summary – awesome trip, lots of diving, no incidents, few breakages and lots of comedy so thanks […]
Porthkerris beach

Not the Bamse expedition (or ‘what else can go wrong?’), March 2008

Dates: March 2008, Author: Luke I’ve been meaning to write up this report for some time, but haven’t yet found the time to sit for long enough trying to remember everything that happened (and there was a lot!). So here goes…

Way back in March, on […]