Plymouth Expedition, 13-15th June 2016

Author: Gregor C. Friday the 13th, a date that will now be remembered as the “curse of the plankton bloom”. Nevertheless, OUUEG divers planned a trip on that day and promptly suffered a little from the curse: with unfortunately two divers having to pull out […]

Champagne diving and Belgian beers! OUUEG goes to Nemo33, 22-23rd February 2014

Dates: 22-23rd, February 2014,  Author: Metta Mission: Diving in Champagne Destination: Nemo33, Brussels, Belgium Team: David, Mike, Tom, Sarah, Sam (Car 1), Ali, Farah, Geoff, Metta (Car 2), Margriet and Anne (reinforcements from Holland) Day 0: Friday 21 February, Leatherhead/Dorking, Surrey Car 1 is well […]

St Abbs part II (day 3 & 4), 5-6th May 2013

Dates: 5-6th, May 2013,  Author: Gillian I start my report writing duties with our fantastic haggis (both meat and vegetarian) and root vegetables prepared by Ian and Rachel, rounding out the end of the second day. We were all impressed by the sophisticated, multi-textured, beautifully […]

St Abbs part I (day 1 & 2), 3-4th May 2013

Dates: 3-4th, May 2013, Author: Mary What a lovely trip!  Thanks to everyone who came and hopefully it will be the first of many intra-continental dives with our friends from the Netherlands! Day One We woke up to find the sun shining and the water pretty […]

Plymouth Summer Expedition, August 2011

Dates: summer 2011, Author: Margreit It all started of with a small group of people going down on Friday, with many more joining during the week. On Saturday Horse turned out to be in urgent need of (more) TLC, as it would only go slow and […]

Summer expedition to the Sound of Mull, August 2010

Dates: Summer 2010, Author: Sarah Lochaline is quite a long way away so getting up there took most of the first weekend with Steve, James and Craig staying in Glasgow with Simon M; Andy and Simon F towing Sea Horse via a rellie in Whitehaven and the rest […]

Summer expedition to the Isle of Man!

Dates: Summer 2008, Author: Martin Just before the start of a new academic year with hopefully plenty of enthusiastic new divers joining the club, I am putting together a long overdue trip report for this summer’s OUUEG expedition to the Isle of Man (IoM). With […]