OUUEG dives Pembrokeshire, in South Wales, 12-14th July 2013

Dates: 12-14th, July 2013, Author: Severin The pleasant anticipation of spending a weekend in the beautiful Welsh summer (= cold, rainy, windy) was disastrously thwarted by a cloudless sky, still air, and temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. And so, after a pleasant trip through British evening/weekend/holiday rush-hour […]

Summer weekend in Swanage, 15-16th June 2013

Dates: 15-16th, June 2013,  Author: Anne My first report for my first long/proper OUUEG trip (not to discount the amazing quarry day trips I’ve had). I want to start by acknowledging Rachel, our amazing trip leader, who was really responsible for making the weekend a great success! […]

Training day in Vobster, 19th May 2013

Dates: 19th, May 2013, Author: Cindy Tom, Anne and I went to the Vobster diving centre last Sunday. That was a nice decent dive day trip! The weather was quite mild and water was still (well, of course, Vobster is an insite spot). It was […]

St Abbs part II (day 3 & 4), 5-6th May 2013

Dates: 5-6th, May 2013,  Author: Gillian I start my report writing duties with our fantastic haggis (both meat and vegetarian) and root vegetables prepared by Ian and Rachel, rounding out the end of the second day. We were all impressed by the sophisticated, multi-textured, beautifully […]

St Abbs part I (day 1 & 2), 3-4th May 2013

Dates: 3-4th, May 2013, Author: Mary What a lovely trip!  Thanks to everyone who came and hopefully it will be the first of many intra-continental dives with our friends from the Netherlands! Day One We woke up to find the sun shining and the water pretty […]

Training in rough seas down in Plymouth, 27-28th April 2013

Dates: 27-28th, April 2013, Author: JP This is my first dive report so I’m sorry if it’s awful! It was also my first proper dive trip after ET and was great! Our first dive was from Bovisand on Seahorse to Mewstone Ledge cannon site. After […]