Halloween trip! Scary costumes, scary visibility! 2011

Dates: Halloween 2011, Author: Matt As a newcomer to the club and to UK seas I arrived at the hut excited and fashionably early.  As people slowly arrived I was glad to see that we had a nice mix of experienced UK divers and newcomers; […]

Plymouth Summer Expedition, August 2011

Dates: summer 2011, Author: Margreit It all started of with a small group of people going down on Friday, with many more joining during the week. On Saturday Horse turned out to be in urgent need of (more) TLC, as it would only go slow and […]

May bank holiday trip to St Abbs and the farne islands, May 2011

Dates: May 2011, Author: Simon As like the fellowship of the ring, the OUUEG divers travelled from the shire and overcame the hostilities bank holiday traffics jam, traversed the spine of England and ventured into bonnie foreign lands of Scotland in search of underwater delights […]