Summer expedition to the Sound of Mull, August 2010

Dates: Summer 2010, Author: Sarah Lochaline is quite a long way away so getting up there took most of the first weekend with Steve, James and Craig staying in Glasgow with Simon M; Andy and Simon F towing Sea Horse via a rellie in Whitehaven and the rest […]

Amazing diving weekend in Torquay! June 2010

Dates: June 2010, Author: Andy Yes, here it is! For those who wanted to come but couldn’t make it: it rained, everybody argued, vis was 10cm and the boats all sank. You didn’t miss anything. Stop reading now. For everyone else – wasn’t it a great weekend? The weather […]

OUUEG helps research by hunting for sea urchins in Plymouth, May 2010

Dates: May 2010, Author: Luke This trip saw us heading down to Plymouth with a rather unusual mission – looking for sea urchins.  While we’re normally on the lookout for anything tasty while diving, I must admit that spiky echinoderms are not usually on the […]

Easter training trip 2010 – full of tales of diving and comedy, April 2010

Dates: April 2010, Author: Luke Flickr Photo Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ouueg/albums/72157636190878935 So, take a deep breath (but remember to breathe normally on ascent) – here’s the ET 2010 trip report!  In summary – awesome trip, lots of diving, no incidents, few breakages and lots of comedy so thanks […]