Rebreather training in Vobster and Plymouth, November 2008

Dates: November 2008, Author: Luke Last Summer, on our trip to Cornwall, a few of us visited the AP Valves factory in Helston to look at rebreathers and subsequently decided that they were the way forward for deeper diving, and that we should all get […]

Summer expedition to the Isle of Man!

Dates: Summer 2008, Author: Martin Just before the start of a new academic year with hopefully plenty of enthusiastic new divers joining the club, I am putting together a long overdue trip report for this summer’s OUUEG expedition to the Isle of Man (IoM). With […]
Porthkerris beach

Not the Bamse expedition (or ‘what else can go wrong?’), March 2008

Dates: March 2008, Author: Luke I’ve been meaning to write up this report for some time, but haven’t yet found the time to sit for long enough trying to remember everything that happened (and there was a lot!). So here goes…

Way back in March, on […]

Wind, waves and water: Portland expedition, June 2008

Dates: June 2008, Author: Stephen I picked up Piotr (aka Peter/Pete) from the club hut on Thursday evening for our drive down to Weymouth. He had to endure a conference call which, with the amount of acronyms and domain specific terms i was surprised to […]