Probably nobody gets excited about paperwork and payment administration. Unfortunately, our membership secretary and the people assisting with the administrative work have to deal with a substantial amount of this. To make their lives easier and allow them to appreciate diving as much as we do, we kindly ask you to make their voluntary job in the club as easy as possible by paying online.

The following paragraphs outline all payment options to OUUEG.

Preferred: Online Payment

The most preferred option is for you to pay as part of the OUUEG membership renewal form.

  1. Login at (in case you forgot your password, you can reset your forgotten password)
  2. Click on the link we sent you in the renewal reminder emails or
    return to the Membership renewal form and complete the online payment by selecting “Pay with PayPal”.
    Please note you don’t need a PayPal account. You can simply checkout as a guest and provide on-time payment details via debit card or credit card. PayPal will process the payment as any retail shop or online store will do and delete all data after the standard retention period.

Still acceptable: PayPal Payment

If you struggle to complete the online payment process above, simply point your browser to and send us the correct amount of money. You should follow this up with an email to the Membership Secretary informing us about your payment.

Alternatively you can simply send the correct amount via PayPal to

If you are unable to provide a debit or credit card to the PayPal payment system, please contact the membership officer and treasurer in advance before attempting any of the following methods.

Bad: Bank Transfer

Now we are getting to the point where you create a lot of work for the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary as both will have to be involved to process your membership payment. In case you really struggle to send money via both means as described above, you may do a bank transfer.

Account holder: OUUEG
Account number: 2455 5215
Sort Code: 542 123

Please note that your membership is only valid from the committee confirming the receipt of your payment.

Worst: Cheque or Cash

You may present a cheque payable to the treasurer:

Oxford University Underwater Exploration Group
Iffley Road
OX4 1EQ Oxford

The treasurer or membership secretary will also accept cash. Please ask for a receipt for the cash payment.