Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join OUUEG?

Joining OUUEG is a very easy three step process. Please find all information on the join the club page.

How do I renew my OUUEG and BSAC membership?

With our new online membership database the annual renewal of both memberships has got much easier. The current process is explained on our membership renewal page.

What are the payment options?

OUUEG can be paid by debit card, credit card or your PayPal account online.

BSAC has to be paid directly via direct debit (preferred) or debit card, credit card. One may also send the membership officer a cheque issued at the correct BSAC fee with BSAC as the recipient. We will forward this with the paper documents to BSAC. However, payment by cheque is strongly discouraged by BSAC and OUUEG.

Why can I no longer pay everything to OUUEG via bank transfer, cheque or cash?

The committee decided to abandon these payment options as it was hard to track individual payments and caused a lot of overheads for our treasurer and membership officer. The new online membership reduces the administrative overheads and significantly increases the membership application processing speed. You also benefit from PayPal immediately issuing you an electronic receipt.

What are all these different membership options?

OUUEG is a recognised University sports club and has to comply with the University Sports Federation rules. To audit the composition of our membership we kindly ask you to select the correct membership type. In doubt, please contact our membership officer before submitting the form.

Can you pro-rate my membership?

We are more than happy to pro-rate your first membership rate if you join OUUEG after our Easter expedition. We will charge you a pro-rated fee for both OUUEG and BSAC to align your membership year with our common renewal date (1st November). Any membership renewal will incur the full OUUEG membership fee, even if joined later during the year.

Medical Forms

Why do I need to return a UK Sports Diver Medical Form every year?

BSAC may accept your membership application or renewal but you may have noticed that there is a small disclaimer stating that you are not covered by any of BSACs insurances if you do not provide a new medical certificate with every renewal. Hence it doesn’t matter what your situation is and you will need a medical certificate.

  • In case you answer “Yes” to any of the questions, you have to seek advice from a medical referee. Please find more information about this including an always up-to-date of list of medical referees at the BSAC Medical Matters pages.

What should I do if the self-declaration form doesn’t work for me?

In case you answer “Yes” to any of the questions, you have to seek advice from a medical referee. Please find more information about this, including an always up-to-date of list of medical referees, at the BSAC Medical Matters pages. However, the good news is that this doctor can certify you as fit for diving unless there is a change in your medical condition. In practice you’d probably only need to see the referee once and then submit a self-declaration every year alongside that initial certificate authorising you to do so.