This is obviously a very important point and everyone should be clear about it. There are 2 distinct sorts of insurance:

  • third party liability: covers you if you are responsible for causing damage or harm to someone else
  • personal insurance: covers you if you have an accident

Third party liability cover

For rather obvious reasons the club requires you to have a third party liability insurance to come and dive with us. There are 2 possible scenarios to get such cover:

  1. You are already a BSAC member. In this case you are covered by BSAC third party liablity insurance and we just need your BSAC membership number.
  2. You are neither a BSAC member nor have another 3rd party cover provider. In this case our guest policy covers you for a maximum of 3 days. There is no paperwork involved, you will just need to provide your next of kin details to our Diving Officer. This essentially allows you to come « try » OUUEG for a weekend.

Personal insurance

Whether or not you decide to also subscribe to a personal insurance is entirely up to you. A few things to bear in mind to help you make your decision :

  • in the UK rescue services are free and so are treatments provided by the NHS
  • it is probably not the case elsewhere in the world
  • how suitable for diving the insurance is and whether there any fine print restrictions (restrictions regarding “water sports|”? scuba-diving actually covered? Nitrox ? maximum depth ?…)

A personal insurance specific to scuba-diving is probably a good idea if you go travelling as it will likely also double as a travel insurance, cover kit damages and possibly also non-diving related medical emergencies. Get in touch if you have any questions about those.

Note that if you join one of OUUEG trip abroad then you will have to provide proof of travel insurance and medical cover.