Jenny Barrett


Plymouth Deeper Diving Expedition, 8th-9th June 2019

Author: Rona Costello Holger’s deeper diving weekend was planned as a Plymouth trip for those keen to get some deeper diving experience, especially if they’ve not done much deep diving in the UK before. Unfortunately for Holger, Rona, Becca, Sally, Penny, Ryan and Rocco though, […]

Swanage Expedition, 15th September 2018

Date: 15th September 2018 Author: Penny Hancock Desperate to catch the dying gasps of summer, the dream team (Alex, Imre, Mateusz and Penny) took off to Swanage for a day of diving. Departing from the kit hut at 8am we were relaxed in the knowledge […]

Tollesbury Expedition, 17th-19th August 2018

Date: 17th-19th August 2018 Author: Jenny Barrett Farah, Mark, Kirill and Ryan set off for a weekend aboard Petrah, a Southerly 110 yacht, following the success of Farah’s previous sailing-diving hybrid trip to Norfolk. The plan this time is to stay close to Tollesbury and […]

The Kidneys Expedition, 8th August 2018

With summer in full swing, Giles and Holger decide Wednesday evening before pub night is a perfect opportunity to explore local waters. So local they’re able to kit up in the hut at Iffley and walk straight to the river for a quick dive at […]

Chesil Beach Expedition, 4th August 2018

It’s a bright and early 06:30am meet for David, Penny, Imre, Donald, Kirill and Alexandre. They’re off to Chesil Beach for a day of shore diving. The first order of the day was getting the kit over the pebble dunes and to the water. No […]

Swanage Expedition, 28th July 2018

Date: 28th July 2018 Author: Jenny Barrett Holger, Farah, Tom W, Clare, Giles, Suzy and David are off to Swanage. The weather is so balmy for today’s trip that some of our divers have eschewed their usual drysuits and instead donned wetsuits for the occasion. […]

Chesil Beach Expedition, 7th July 2018

OUUEG are back at Chesil Beach and to the Royal Adelaide wreck! The long walk in across the pebbles is a back breaker, but definitely worth it. Under the waves, Giles and Suzy explore the intact bow section of the wreck – they spot four […]

Portland Expedition, 1st July 2018

A day of diving at Portland! First dive of the day was a wreck in the harbour at 10-15m, with visibility around 2m. Kirill captured some artsy footage of Rona and Jack, swimming into the green… Video by Kirill. After a quick lunch of burgers […]

Plymouth Expedition, 23rd-24th June 2018

Video by Kirill.

Stoney Cove Expedition, 3rd December 2017

It starts snowing about 90 minutes after arranging our trip to Stoney Cove. Undeterred and well bundled-up, Jenny, Rona, Holger, Simon C, Kirill and Luke head to the quarry. Rona, Jenny and Holger are all hoping to finish off diving qualifications (Sports Diver for Jenny […]