About the Club

The Oxford University Underwater Exploration Group (OUUEG) is a company of around 70 divers – students, staff and alumni of the University of Oxford, as well as people not affiliated with the University.

The club is a recognised University Sports club of the University of Oxford and an official branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC).

OUUEG was founded in 1963 and is one of the oldest dive clubs in the UK. The club has a long history of diving all year round all over the UK and abroad.

OUUEG has a lot of active members and offers diving that suits everyone, from beginners to more experienced divers. We teach diving and skills development courses at all levels, organise weekend trips throughout the diving season (mostly to the south coast where our club boat is currently based), as well as longer expeditions to more distant parts of the UK and abroad. New members are always welcome – you don’t need to be at the University to join us!


The club is fortunate enough to have enough SCUBA equipment to accommodate even our larger expeditions.

All equipment is stored in our kit hut at the Iffley Sports Centre.

Club members can hire equipment for their dive trips (see here for details).

Seahorse  – our club boat

The club owns a hard hull boat ‘Seahorse’. It is a 5.8m Tornado RHIB, purchased in 2004, with a Honda 135hp outboard 4-stroke engine, purchased 2014. It is equipped with a GPS/chartplotter, depth sounder and a VHF radio. We always carry full emergency equipment, including oxygen, on board.

For the past few years she has been based in Plymouth and the club offers as much opportunity as possible to dive from her, normally weekend trips and a couple of week-long trips, the legendary Easter Training and Summer Expeditions.  If you would like to use her for your trip and there is nothing already planned then get in touch with the boat and diving officers.

Seahorse is a fabulous asset for any dive club, especially a university club, and gives us the flexibility to go where we want when we want.  Using the boat adds so much more to diving.

Of course, we need people to drive and tow the boat.  If you know how to handle a boat then you will already know how much fun it is. If you don’t already have any experience of boat driving then we can teach you.

We are also in the process of rehabilitating Sea Elephant.  Despite the name elephant she is Seahorse’s smaller sister (named Elephant as she is grey).  She had fallen into disrepair but is now fixed and ready to go, all that remains are sea trials ….for anyone brave enough!

She is an inflatable boat about 13ft long capable of accommodating ~4 divers. The beauty of Sea Elephant is that she can be packed away in a car boot and thus is far easier to transport, enabling us to dive a greater range of sites.

Committee 2019/20

President Lok Hin Lee
Diving Officer Holger Schuhmann
Treasurer Mi Jun Keng
Expeditions Officer Mi Jun Keng
Kit Officer Alejandra Mora Soto
Boat Officer Jack Brady
Training Officer (Assistant) Penny Hancock (Rocco Meli)
Advanced Training Officer Kirill Palamartchouk
Social Secretary Jack Leland
Secretary Kirsty Harrington
Membership Secretary Imre Mager
IT Officer Marko Jung
Web Officer Patrick Kidger