Date: 17th-19th August 2018
Author: Jenny Barrett

Farah, Mark, Kirill and Ryan set off for a weekend aboard Petrah, a Southerly 110 yacht, following the success of Farah’s previous sailing-diving hybrid trip to Norfolk. The plan this time is to stay close to Tollesbury and explore a shallow wreck or two near the entrance to Black water. However, British weather laid best-made plans asunder. The sea is like a cup of milky tea, and Farah and Ryan manage to spend a grand total of 90 seconds underwater before they resurface – having become separated as soon as they begun descent.

Despite being poor conditions for diving, it was great conditions for sailing and the four have an excellent weekend on (rather than under) the water. They even manage to make use of the diving kit! It turns out that compressed air is a very effective means of cleaning blockages in the heads…


Categories: Expedition Reports