With summer in full swing, Giles and Holger decide Wednesday evening before pub night is a perfect opportunity to explore local waters. So local they’re able to kit up in the hut at Iffley and walk straight to the river for a quick dive at the Kidney’s, where the Isis meets the Cherwell.

Rona and Jenny enjoy a picnic and the sunset whilst providing a spot of shore cover.


An hour later, Hogler and Giles surface. With elegance and grace that can only be cultivated through many, many years of diving…

Visibility under the water has been less than 30cm, with max depth at 3.8 meters. Despite the murkiness, it’s been a successful dive with some interesting finds. Holger has seen freshwater muscles and a green sponge. And Giles emerges with a silver-plated cigarette case – complete with preserved cigarettes inside! The monogrammed “C F F 26.6.10” might provide a clue to its owner and its date of loss…


Meanwhile, Tom and Imre have headed up river to Donnington Bridge to test the sea-worthiness of Sea Elephant, our smaller boat.

Satisfied, everyone reconvenes at the pub to enjoy a well-earned pint.


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