Date: 28th July 2018
Author: Jenny Barrett

Holger, Farah, Tom W, Clare, Giles, Suzy and David are off to Swanage. The weather is so balmy for today’s trip that some of our divers have eschewed their usual drysuits and instead donned wetsuits for the occasion.

The warm and shallow waters around Swanage Pier were perfect for a nice long dive time of around 80 minutes. A great way to start the day.

Recent renovation work around the pier means there’s even more to see and to find than usual, with lots of tools, nuts and bolts lying on the seabed. On his second dive, Holger finds a 1941 two-shilling coin, a good sized chunk of lead, and a 120cm long crowbar. He is particularly excited about this latter acquisition, recounting the tale with an unbridled excitement that we don’t often see in our calm and collected Diving Officer:

“You can imagine how cool it is to surface with half a kilo of lead in one hand and a f***ing crowbar in the other. KING OF THE PIER!”

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