Learn to Dive with OUUEG

The Oxford University Underwater Exploration Group will be running a block course to qualify new BSAC Ocean Divers in February. The course will allow you to complete all the theory and pool training in just two and a half days. Furthermore, we hope to go on the next day to a nearby quarry and complete the first two out of five qualifying open water dives.

This intense but very rewarding course will enable you to focus on the scuba diver training in a small peer group. Upon completion of this initial training you only miss a few more open water dives, which you will be able to complete with club instructors on our regular dive trips.

A block course is the most fun way to learn how to dive as you will be working in a small group of students with our experienced instructors. All training will be done at the University of Oxford Sports Centre at Iffley Road. We will have our own training room for the theory sessions and do the diving in the Rosenblatt pool. The wonderful team of the cafe Sub4 will cater some lovely lunches and there will be plenty of coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks.

Course Schedule

The schedule for the theory and pool lessons is as follows:

  • Thursday, 23/02/2017: 18:00-22:30 Complete paperwork, theory and first dive in a pool
  • Friday, 24/02/2017: 09:00-18:00 theory and two pool training dives
    We will also offer an optional pool session this evening (18:00-21:30) for those who need extra time in the water.
  • Saturday, 25/02/2017: 09:00-19:00 theory and two pool training dives

After these 2.5 days you will have most certainly completed all required theory lessons, the theory exam, and all pool training. Following this we will offer an optional one day training trip to a quarry to get you into the cold water. I would highly recommend you taking advantage of this as it will enable you to transfer the skills you learned the previous days to the open water.

  • Sunday, 26/02/2017: 07:00-19:00 Open Water Dives at a quarry

How much does it cost?

OUUEG is a club run by volunteers for its members. We do not make any profit out of our teaching activities and only recover costs. The total cost of the course is

  • £319 for students or 
  • £359 for non-students.
  • plus £40 for the Sunday trip to the quarry

This includes the membership fee for OUUEG, the membership for BSAC (the national governing body) and OUUEG’s standard Ocean Diver package. This package includes everything required to get diving (theory, pool, and open water lessons, equipment rental, pool bookings, etc) but you’ll need to need to get some personal kit like a mask, fins and a drysuit. On top of that we provide you lunches and snacks (Thursday to Saturday). It is important to highlight that you will become a full member of the club and you are very welcome to take advantage of all the club facilities and participate in as many dive trips as you like during this year’s diving season.

The £40 extra for the Sunday quarry trip cover transport, entrance fees and the hire of one of the club’s dry suits.

How do I sign-up?

There is only ONE space left in the course. These will be given on a first-come first-serve basis. To secure you spot on the course please go to our membership site and sign up for OUUEG membership and select the ‘Ocean Diver Block Course Pack(£ 263)’ and ‘Ocean Diver Block Course – Sunday Open Water Dives (£ 40)’. 

To learn more about the BSAC Ocean Diver qualification please see the attached PDF or head on to the BSAC website where you find a lot of additional information on the course.

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