Dates: 3-4th, May 2013,
Author: Mary

What a lovely trip!  Thanks to everyone who came and hopefully it will be the first of many intra-continental dives with our friends from the Netherlands!

Day One

We woke up to find the sun shining and the water pretty still.  After a leisurely breakfast we turned up ahead of time for our afternoon dive.  The sea was a little choppy, but underwater, the visibility was good and there was plenty of wildlife!  We explored every rock crevice and gulley and came across numerous lobsters and crabs, anemones, star fish, sea urchins, brittle stars, and dead man’s fingers covering the rocks.  Some found the underwater boiler and nudibranchs.

After the surface interval, those who didn’t feel the urge to feed the fishes, went for a second dive, but the wind had picked up and cups of tea and dinner were eagerly anticipated.

Day Two

We had a smooth ride out and the sun managed to shine through the water, giving even better visibility below.  The scenery was spectacular, and we saw more fish including the orange and blue spotty one below (can anyone identify it?) as well as butterfish and scorpion fish.  The second dive dropped us off at Cathedral Rock, with a beautiful double arch carved out of the rock and covered in corals.

Unfortunately Grainne did not have the opportunity to do her Wolf fish sign underwater, but she had plenty of practice just incase.

Gillian came off slightly worse for wear during her game of ‘Seals’, where she successfully ambushed Steve and bit into his fins.  The water was not quite as safe after that, and people kept an eye out for a flash of pink and green lurking in the shadows.

As we pulled into the harbour on our return trips, we occasionally saw a pair of seals bobbing about in the water, or being fed by passers by on the sea wall.  A taste of things to come on the Farne Islands trip that half the group stayed on for.

As my first proper dive trip, I was impressed by the cool, clear waters outside of Eyemouth and how much life there was to see under the surface.  I look forward to many more dive trips!

Please have a look at our photo Gallery on Flickr.